Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Because 22nd can still feel like your 16th

I went for Wednesday Adams mid-summer on the boardwalk with this TopShop number. Some of the petals did fall of the daisy patch back...he loves me...he loves me not. S had just returned from Colorado with a lovely little feather in her hair. Pumpkin cupcakes, gin and grapefruit--there are few things better than the glow from birthday wishes and bestie friend kisses. 

Curious at the Tribeca Grand

Sometimes Sunday nights out prove far more interesting than usual. Perhaps our camera couldn't capture the true champagne giggles of this evening, but we were supporting our friend's new non-profit--a group to support young urban artists. Luckily, our choice of latex studded gloves and geometric jewelry were quite fitting for the philanthropic crowd. 
-S & M